When you want to launch an international commercial activity, it is important to :

1- Realize a SWOT analysis of the company

Management-> Able to make decisions-Experience
Administration & Finance Management
->Investment capacity-Documents Control
Art design
-> Innovation, new trends
-> Capacity and technology
-> Process, control, certification
-> Quality-Presentation
Sales and after-sales
-> Manpower and qualifications (languages....)
-> Easy access for supplying

2- Defining the product(s) to be exported

All the products are not "exportable". Some elements like use before expiry date or specific reglementary rules can oblige to leave aside some of them.

3 – Prepare the Marketing Mix

4- Define pricing following current international terms (Incoterms)

5- Select markets

5-1- Where?
5.2- How?
5.3- To whom?
5.4- Product offer
5.5- Human and economic resources